"I enjoy the fluidity of expression that music allows me. I find it hard to be defined by a genre, as my music is inspired by the ever-changing tides of life and all that it is to be human.

Change is my muse, it keeps me from stagnating."

SheisArjuna is the creative project of Shan Curry. Singer, songwriter and producer from the Surfcoast, Victoria, Australia.

She has been writing and performing in various projects from the age of 13, however SheisArjuna captures her true essence in a raw and deeply personal light. Her music feels somewhat like a melodic journal, an expression of the light and dark elements of the world and her place within it. 


Capturing her passion for environmental and social issues, she weaves her strong, yet angelic vocals with empowering lyrics to form a unique sound that is authentic, inspiring and catchy.


Stay tuned for her debut album, The Age of Convenience, coming in 2021.

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