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Artisanal Handicrafts

Tap into the lost and magical art of handmade craft, where each individual piece is unique and crafted with love, patience and heart. Working with your hands is proven to enhance mood, soften tension and increase our overall well-being.

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Mad Character

"Originally a water-colourist, Mad Character was born from a casual clay afternoon with a potter friend, who introduced me to the colours, textures and creativity of ceramics. It fascinated me to be able to make something both beautiful and practical. Facial features have always been the centre-point to my work, and it only felt natural to transfer that through to ceramics.

Some might find my work slightly creepy/confronting/weird and I guess that’s how I like it, and if you’re reading this I’m guessing you do too.

I work out of my home studio located in Upwey, just outside Melbourne and am a very small one woman business."

- Maddy Ellen

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George Readhead Ceramics

Handmade on the Surfcoast Victoria,

beautiful George describes herself as 'a potter of pots, a painter of paintings and a patter of dogs.'

Her work is stunning, timeless and earthy. Small batches, made slow means these pieces were made with intention.

Float through her Instagram page using the link below or head straight to her online shop to browse her latest collection.

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Christopher Thomas, 33

Yarra Valley, Melbourne Australia


A serial doodler all of his life, fuelled & fascinated by personal expression and by the natural geometry in our world, his nature inspired drawings merely a product of surrendering to the muse and letting ideas filter through his emotional state & brain, then down to the pen. 

The process, grounding & meditative, the result, multi-cultural intricate geometrical imagery.

"Drawing teaches me patience I’ve never had. It grounds me, silences my relentless monkey mind and holds me in the present. It's become more of a meditation than creative outlet. 

It keeps me in touch with the inner child, adulting can be exhausting so I think this is important and forgotten by most. So let my mind take you on a meditative journey via Ink Pen & Linen canvas exploring a fusion, of biological & non-biological imagery that I hope leave the observer peacefully stimulated, as I let the ideas from the muse filter through my brain and emotional state at the time of drawing, resulting in something that once wasn’t... art”

  • Pigment pen on 100% Natural Linen.

  • Tasmanian Oak float frames

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