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Happy-Heart Hobbies

What is a happy-heart hobby?

A happy-heart hobby is a mindful, creative practice that increases your feeling of wellness.

Jessica Pritchard describes creative therapy with such beauty and warmth, that it is almost impossible not to get fully absorbed when reading it.

"Moving through life artfully and connecting with ourselves through creative discoveries. We use visual art, writing, craft, music, dance, and story to integrate our experiences and make meaning.

We are empowering ourselves by looking within, and enriching our lives with creative expression and celebration. Engaging with art is a delight in itself, but with the intent to connect to our internal landscapes, it can also be a powerful therapeutic practice"

- Jessica Pritchard

Explore the wonderful healing qualities of Art Therapy with the gorgeous Jessica Pritchard below


Fireside Creative Therapies

*MERRYMAKING - Celebrating life through creativity and play.* 

with Jessica Pritchard

Growing up with an artist, imagination and creative play was always encouraged. This gave me a foundation to draw on as I grew older and faced my own challenges. I journalled out thoughts, wrote hopeful poems, scrap-booked nostalgia, danced out anger, drew out dreams, and wrote the stories I needed to write. It was my personal refuge.

Getting a degree in Philosophy and English deepened my curiosity for the stories we tell ourselves and the way we make meaning. Discovering women's circles showed me the power that comes from being witnessed and sharing a communal experience.

When I began my training in Art Therapy, it felt like coming home. It wasn't about how skilled you were at art, but about using creative tools as a means of self discovery and healing.

Enchanted Living:

Enchanted living is where my creative therapy comes from, so it feels right to include some words about it. 'Enchantment' means a great feeling of pleasure and delight, or a magic spell.

To me, enchantment means being present to life, right up close to the heart of it. When I am enchanted, I am paying attention – from the tiny mushroom on the forest floor to the swirls of vibrant colours in the sky. I wonder at the mystery that has landed me on a tiny blue ball floating through space. I am curious about the world and amazed by its history. I think about the mountain I live on and how it was once a volcano. When I am enchanted, I use my imagination. I imagine water sprites in rivers and dryads in trees and the world becomes even more alive. Witnessing the creativity in humanity makes me want to play too. I use stories as medicine, allow music to break me open, and use my hands for making. When I am enchanted, I see life as one grand adventure, and that doesn't always mean smooth sailing. Adventures test, surprise, and delight. They are full of wonder. They give me courage. Enchanted living is deciding to delight in life itself.

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