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The exponential rise of the human population and our inherent quest for convenience and comfort is undoubtedly taking its toll on the planet.

Sustainability is no longer a contestable concept, but a necessary lifestyle choice to ensure our environmental, social and economic systems are able to thrive for generations to come.

Knowledge is power and with that power you have the ability to positively change the trajectory of our future. 

Think Global, Act Local

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SO'R Construction


At SO'R Construction we are passionate about the sustainable building Industry, with a keen interest in Strawbale buildings. We believe in building healthy homes that work for you. Through the use of solar passive design, our homes require little to no heating or cooling throughout the year, creating a comfortable environment for you and your family year round. We will always favour greener building materials ensuring your new home or renovation is as safe and healthy for you as possible.
We are not your typical Construction company, we work with our clients to provide practical and innovative solutions tailored to their needs. We will listen and advise you, together we can build your dream home. Experienced in many aspects of the building Industry, with highly skilled tradesman you can rest assured your job will be completed to the highest standard every time.

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Little Bantam


Elise encourages, inspires and educates those with the drive to improve their mental and physical health by building a self-sustainable future. Mind Body and Soul – approach.

She teaches people that they can live for long term happiness simply by helping themselves through the choices they make. By choosing to live sustainably for the planet and for their own individual health. Elise believes we can all move into a new way of being, with less stress and strain on ourselves, the system and the environment.

Elise is a sustainable surf babe and trainer, green thumb and nature lover who radiates vitality for life!